Superior Design. Quality craftmanship. Timeless elegance. Exceptional custom gunstock repair and replacement.

Custom Gunstocks

What do you get when you combine superior work and outstanding quality? A cherished and beautiful hand-crafted piece that inspires.

Double barrel rifles and shotguns are our specialty. Repair work is performed with meticulous care and is always done correctly, the first time.

Hodgins Gun Cabinet

Beautiful Handcrafted Gunstock

Quality. Premium craftmanship. Timeless elegance. These words may conjure images in our minds, but in reality they fail to portray the true level of Paul's craftsmanship. So, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words; this portfolio illustrates what writings unsuccessfully attempt to convey.

Creating A Masterpiece

Creating A Masterpiece

Ever wonder what it takes to create a handmade work of art? The detailed journey of a simple wooden block and its transformation into a fully finished stock is outlined here; an overview that will make you truly appreciate the precision and skill it takes to produce a beautiful handcrafted masterpiece.