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Welcome to our Custom Gunstock Image Gallery, where we proudly showcase the craftsmanship of Paul Hodgins' hand-built gunstocks for double barrel shotguns and rifles. Each image in this gallery tells a story of artistry and attention to detail, as Paul's expert hands transform blocks of exotic woods, such as California English, French, and Turkish Walnut, into beautifully carved and contoured gunstocks. Explore this collection to witness the seamless blending of form and function, as these custom gunstocks elevate the appearance and performance of firearms to new heights. Whether you're a discerning collector or an avid shooter seeking a personalized touch, this gallery is a testament to the creations that await you at Hodgins Gunstocks.

W.J. Jeffery

W.J. Jeffery Double Rifle

James Woodward

“The Automatic” – Number 4108 – 12 Gauge

Holland & Holland O/U (2nd Style)

Holland & Holland – (2nd Style) O/U – Number 36029 – 12 Gauge


“Howdah” Pistol

John Dickson

John Dickson – Round Action – 12bore – # 4285 – Circa 1889

Jeffery – Farquharson

Jeffery/Farquharson – Falling-Block Rifle # 17343 – .25 Cal Krag improved, Later Re-Barrelled to the original .450 3 1/4″ NE

Holland & Holland

Holland & Holland – 12bore – Centre-Fire Hammergun – No.17010 – Manufactured in 1893


16 Gauge Bar-In-Wood

Joseph Lang

Joseph Lang – “Vena Contracta” – Number 8002 – 12/20 Gauge